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Neknominating: When drinking meets social media


Fads come and go, but the latest social media fad, “neknominating,” has some people worried. This trend ups the ante by encouraging each participant to be more reckless than the last.

What is neknominating?

Neknominating is a social media drinking game which involves people posting videos of themselves drinking in extreme and unusual ways. Then they nominate another person to outdo them within twenty four hours.

The trend began in Australia, and is quickly gaining popularity all around the world. The most dangerous aspect of the game is that it is actually a competition to see who can drink the most and be the most reckless.

Nekmoninating trends include:

  • Drinking while driving
  • Mixing other dangerous substances
  • Binge drinking in costumes
  • Drinking out of odd containers like a boot or toilet

Dangerous consequences

A handful of people have already died as a result of this online drinking game. Aside from the more obvious dangers of binge drinking, it seems that participants are forgetting about the possible social and professional consequences of posting negative or illegal activities online.

Imagine trying to explain a brief lapse in judgment to a future employer 5 years later. Or how about forgetting that you added Grandma Alice to your friends list? We may be socializing virtually, but the consequences show up in reality.

Things to remember


  • Pay attention to what your teens are posting on their social media accounts.
  • Talk to them about how the things they post online can negatively affect them in the future.
  • Tell them not to respond. They can block those who continue to “neknominate” them.

Most importantly, encourage them not to give in to peer pressure. Trends come and go, but what happens online can follow them forever.